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20 Creativity

SKU: 0020
$145.00 Regular Price
$108.75Sale Price
  • Making Jewelry is fun! If I run out of some parts it only strikes my Creativity! For this 31" long 2 line piece I had only a couple of pink beads and really wanted to apply them to the necklace of my favorite green beads! I found a wonderful solution to expand the size of the necklace by using small antique-white beads, big champagne pearls, facetted  yellow crystals and antique-gold metal parts to accent them. The necklace came out rich and elegant! I am sure one of you lucky women will enjoy wearing it... Did I say only one? Oh , yes! because it is an exclusive piece!

    2.5" earrings with gold plated hooks that shine and dangle continue the necklace's vibrant style. They will answer to every your motion!

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