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23 Ocean after Sunset

SKU: 0023
$275.00 Regular Price
$206.25Sale Price
  • It is remarkable how one string of stones would inspire me, taking my imagination further, finishing the rest of the necklace in my mind!

    When I saw those little chips of agate, they reminded me of little pebbles on the ocean shore.

    I wanted to give more contrast to the gentle brown, grey and white tone of the rocks. Bringing the string of agate closer to the different types of glass, stones and pearls made it clear what color scheme to go with.

    Gorgeous, fuchsia colored pearls added more richness to the agate! Smoky purple-blue glass became a harmonious connector between the agate and pearls.

    Different shapes of stone strings bring interest and richness to the twisted bundle.

    Original silver color chain easily holds a massive spiral.

    This 33 ½” long necklace is definitely a statement!

    3 ¼” long earrings, with sterling silver hooks, compliments the necklace.

    Wearing this set will bring you memories of the peaceful ocean shore somewhere far-far away on a tropical island...

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