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9 Purple Evening

SKU: 0009
$105.00 Regular Price
$78.75Sale Price
  • I named this necklace Purple Evening - translucent Amethyst Stones on 32" string. This necklace reminds me of the cozy light of the summer sky after sunset. Smaller, geometrically shaped, pink and blue Swarovski Crystals brighten up the purple color of the bigger round beads. Lovely Quartz chips placed in between, have rainbow sparkles. Swarovski Metal Elements with  shiny stones, imitate the lock and bring to this piece an exclusive look. Bright blue seed beads enhance richness of the necklace's main tone. 2.5" earrings continue color and style of the necklace. Sterling Silver earrings hooks guarantee comfort during your day. Tastefully chosen bead tones will allow you to wear this set with many related colors: grey, pink, light-purple, fuchsia, blue and of course white!

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