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13 Queen Elizabeth I

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$112.50Sale Price
  • I named this piece after Queen Elizabeth I -famous for her love of jewelry. This rich necklace is created in 2 parts. The first part is 25" long with gorgeous handmade pendant. It is a true piece of art. Faux pearls of pale pink color, like petals of the rose, surround sparkly blue-purple crystal. Shiny grey crystals and seed beads are knitted around the main stone, bringing contrast and unite this pendant with the necklace itself. Combination of dark grey, light pink and white pearls are complimented by rainbow sparkles of  blue-purple crystals. The second part, 21" necklace continues the style of the long necklace, supporting it with the same color scheme and design. The central stone is a blue-purple crystal framed by shiny sterling silver leaves. Every string has its own sterling silver lock so you can easily wear both, or one at a time, depending on your mood, occasion or time of the day. This necklace will richly glow on darker color evening gowns.

    2.5" earrings rich and elegant with blue-purple crystal are  decorated by shiny Sterling Silver bell cup resembling grape leaves. The pink and white pearls decrease in size up to Sterling Silver hook. These earrings together with two generous lines of pearls and crystals create a glorious ensemble.

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