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Of all the things that babies should never swallow, I swallowed a 9 mm round turquoise bead. I pulled it off from a fancy souvenir- statue of a Chinese warrior. My parents were terrified but I thought that it is the most interesting thing I ever put in my mouth!

Growing older didn’t change my opinion and attraction to beads and crystals. Around our house in the spring time we would find little dead birds that fell from their nests. My friends and I would give them a real fancy Egyptian burial in a box of cotton with colorful pieces of glass on the side- treasure stones, that little birds could use in another world for their beauty.

Every summer my parents took my sister and I to the Black Sea on vacation. We would collect polished colorful glass from the beach. They were smooth, salty, and wet. They looked very bright.

My first real necklaces I started creating much later, somewhere in the 90’s. They immediately sold and my passion for jewelry creation was born! Now I can’t imagine my life without making something unique and beautiful at least a couple times a month. Ideas, like a herd of wild horses through the prairie, race in my mind and sometimes I am not able to catch-up with them and physically not able to put them all together. Work, family, house, living... only so much energy and time to create.

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