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Every woman is beautiful in her own way, following her own style and having different preferences in jewelry. The mission of the jewelry is to enhance a woman's natural beauty and to attract attention. At some point in her life a woman needs to get knowledge and understanding what style of jewelry to wear, with what outfit and develop a feeling that is appropriate for the particular occasion and what is too much. In her free time she should experiment how to combine different styles of jewelry with existing pieces in her wardrobe. It is important not to follow blindly any advises from professional designers ( just because they're popular) who are constantly trying new ground with their creativity, sometimes making women look too eclectic. Their business is to propose, your business is to say:" No! Thanks!" especially when we are talking about casual style of a woman's business day, where moderation is a necessity. I created a jewelry set that I named Pink Rainbow with business women in mind. It is small, very elegant, sparkling, necklace, earrings and bracelet set that goes great practically with any color of business outfit. To be continued...

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