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Continuing our conversation about jewelry for business day, let's talk about comfort. A lot of women are allergic to non-valuable metals and it is the best to use jewelry that you forget you are wearing. If you have a pair of silver color earrings, that happen to be your favorite, and they are irritating your ear lobe and giving you a headache, the solution is very easy: get any sterling silver, hypoallergenic, or platinum earrings hooks at any bead store and put them on this set. If your favorite necklace has a lock that irritates your skin, try to wear it on top of your work shirt, turtle neck sweater and etc. Personally, I am not a fan of cheap jewelry. Better to have 10 pieces made with gem stones, wood or crystals and tastefully combine them with your wardrobe. Wearing jewelry that is valuable art work increases your self-esteem and creates positive image of you in the eyes of your co-workers. For example if someone compliments your jewelry you say: -"Thanks! I got it in the local Thrift Store! It only cost $5 bucks!" Or you can say: " I appreciate that! It is a designer's piece, custom made! My husband got it for me because I am allergic to cheap metals! I can only imagine the price!" Which one answer sound's better for you?

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