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My favorite time of the year is Spring when the wind is fresh, young grass is bright- green and everything is blooming like the promise of life itself.

Summer is an exciting season of travel, it is time on the beach, where the foamy ocean waves splash up to my knees and white sand comforts my tired feet. I wish this time would last forever!

Now it is Fall again and little by little I am making my peace with it, and obediently going along with the thoughts of cooler weather and joy of the upcoming cozy Holidays. It is time to take out from the far corner of the closet forgotten for the season favorite sweaters. The pleasant texture and softness of my sweater-dress reminds me of different types of jewelry. Knitted dresses and sweaters look great with long wooden necklaces, sets made of massive natural stones with long tassels. Shiny metal pendants on long chains accessorizing our work outfits. It is always exciting to be brave and to try on big statement necklaces and earrings. Fall really opens to us the endless possibilities to design and to dress-to impress!

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