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 Irina Levallie

We Proudly Present to you Irina Levallie a New Artist from Ukraine

and her Original Jewelry Design.

In 2000, Irina came to the United States and accepted

the American culture, language and lifestyle with an open heart.

America became her True Home.

Everything began when she started to study drawing, painting,

history of art and interior design in one of Ukrainian Art Schools.

Wonderful talented teachers gave her love, understanding

of the rich Russian and Ukrainian History, Culture

and opened the door to the treasury of European and World Art.

She has been creating her incredible Jewelry since 1980.


Her passion for High Class Art and all things beautiful

are very recognizable in everything she does,

including her Jewelry Design.

Irina prefers to create Jewelry that any Woman could easily wear

on a daily basis, special occasions and holidays.

They are Classy, Elegant and Sophisticated.


For her Jewelry she likes to use Natural Materials:

Silver, Pearls, Shell, Wood, Glass, Gemstones, and her favorite

is Swarovski Crystals.

Everything that she creates strikes for perfection:

Quality of Materials, Color Scheme, Style and Attention to Details.


By presenting every beautiful piece of her work,

she is giving you a Part of Her Heart.


A special part of My Treasure Heart is my husband.

I am deeply grateful for all the hard work he put into getting 

my website ready.

It truly is a piece of Art!

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