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We strive to ship all orders within 24 hours or receipt.

Most orders are generally shipped out same day or next day (excluding weekends and US national holidays).

You will receive an email notification with a tracking number when we've shipped your order!



Shipping and handling charges are NOT refundable.

We accept all payments through PayPal!

Payment is due at the time of order.

We will not ship any orders until we receive payment.

If your item is stolen, lost, or otherwise damaged through shipping, contact us and we will fix the problem!

If you decided to return the item please, check the box on the return list so we know the reason why for our future experience.

Merchandise must be returned within 7 days of when USPS tracking states that you received the item. Items must be in unworn condition and kept in-box.



Should you need to cancel your order for any reason, you MUST do it ASAP. Most of our packages are shipped out the same day and we cannot cancel after the item is shipped!

We are located in California.

Please, contact us via e-mail:




We will put merchandise on hold for 24 hours only if full payment is made within that time unless specific circumstances arise.




With orders over $200 Jewelry Boxes are free. Orders under $200 will have a slight additional charge. The necklace box & velveteen pouch will be an extra $5. The earring box and pouch will be an extra $3.50




Many of our products include natural materials. As a result, no two necklaces will be exactly alike. Natural materials while beautiful, often include slight color variances, inclusions and/or lines – and do not decrease the overall value of the jewelry.





Silver is beautiful and valuable. Among its many metal properties, it is relatively soft and malleable that makes it an ideal candidate for jewelry crafting. However, pure silver is too soft and easily scratched. Sterling Silver is breakable. The reason why for our jewelry we considered to use Silver Plated material.


Below Are Tips To Help To

Prolong The Life Of Your Plated Items:



Our Jewelry is made from the highest quality of components and  it still needs to be taken care of properly!

Please Do Not wear our pieces while doing strenuous activities like:


Running (excessively sweating can wear the Jewelry down faster over time),

Swimming (chlorine is a huge problem for any Jewelry especially plated).

Sleeping in your Jewelry subjects it to unnecessary wear and tear.

Prevent your Jewelry from exposure to direct spraying of Perfume or Hairspray; contact with Hair Dye and other chemicals.

To Protect Jewelry From Scratches Please Store your Jewelry in Cool, Dry Conditions on a soft surface.

Do Not place Jewelry on Glass, Granite or Concrete surfaces.

Keep your Jewelry  in Closed Jewelry Bags to reduce amount of air to the metal parts.

Store Like Items Together


Have different storage places for different colors of metals

Do Not Store Gold Plated and Silver Plated items together.

The different metals will cause each other to tarnish, fade or turn colors.

The Bathroom is Not an ideal place for Plated Jewelry because of humidity.

Do Not Clean With Chemicals

Silver Plating will tarnish, just as .925 Silver does.

Chemicals will fade the Plating. This is the most common problem with items fading.

Plating is much more delicate than pure metals.

Toothpaste is a chemical too.

 Clean as needed to keep shine and remove Sweat and Dirt that will cause items to fade.

Use a Damp Cloth (Not Dripping Wet) a soft cotton towel works well.

 Wipe down Gently! Use a Clean Towel to dry.

 On any piece of Jewelry with Stones, wipe Gently! Do Not rub!

 Be careful with corners or edges that can catch the towel and damage the



Blood Pressure and Diabetes Medications will cause Plated materials to fade faster.

 Some people are Allergic to the base metal and might break out in a rash, which usually goes away after a day.

 If You Know Your Are Allergic  to Brass, Bronze, Copper or any other metal, inquire about base metal Before Purchasing Any Plated Jewelry. 



Care and Enjoy
Our Beautiful Jewelry!

Thank You!

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