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24 Ocean Dream

SKU: 024
$165.00 Regular Price
$123.75Sale Price
  • I was bedazzled by these faceted Agate beads! Every bead has its own tone: from solid deep blue to  bright blue with white stripes, to the translucent yellowish grey ... They took my thoughts  to the ocean, where waves roll on the shore and slide back, leaving on the sand their print...

    I combined the Agate with long white rainbow- shining  Pearls. Shiny Sterling Silver bell cups frame every bead. In between Pearls and blue beads I lovingly placed Swarovski Crystals that sparkle like the ocean water on a sunny day.

    To lock the necklace I chose an anchor style Sterling Silver chain that reminds me of open ocean travel.

    I made two different designs of earrings. One continues the style of the central necklace's part. The other is very easy and simple, more related to the back part of the necklace - just a blue bead with a sparkling crystal on a Sterling Silver chain.

    I love the ocean and everything that reminds me of it, makes me happy and very romantic. I hope you will enjoy wearing this set as much as I enjoyed creating it.

    Necklace is 20" and adjustable. Earrings with pearls are 2", earrings on the chain are 2 1/2".

    Colors and Patterns of Agate beads may vary.

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